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How to win Jackpot

Whether Roulette, Slot machine, puzzle games or Blackjack, test your luck in our new “Jackpot” area and get the rankings up at freepokies land!

Parking Smarty

To the Parking lot, ready to go! With your new Camping Bus, you can improve your Parking skills. But be careful going down which direction you…

My Free Farm 2

The farm is waiting for you: the harvest your fields, feed your animals, and much more. Become a master Farmer!

My Free Zoo

Leave a long-cherished dream come true and open in the Browser game “My-Free-Zoo” your own animal Park! What are you waiting for? Your animals want to be fed!

The Proposal

Most Popular Games

The whole world of Online discover the games!

Click through our many free Online Games from the categories of sports, strategy, logic, structure, role games, match-3 and Arcade and immerse yourself in the RTL2-games-world! With us, you as a Casual come-and-gamers your cost РІР‚“ free of charge!

Just find your personal Online Game, of ball games on racing games to mind games. Of course, you can find all of us in the Gaming Highlights, such as ” The Settlers Online “, “Forge of Empires” and the Online-Casino” Jackpot “!

Games online according to your preferences: You can for you play alone, with your friends and other gamers or against them. Fighting for the best rankings in the high scores of our free Online Games or invent yourself in role-playing games. The tires let in “Rally Racer” quiet, solve tricky match-3 Puzzle in the “Jewel Academy” or plant & harvest as a Farmer your own carrots in the ” Farmerama “!

What are you waiting for? Have fun with our free Online Games!

(Online) Games Nerd-Knowledge: d us know?

Casual Gamer – so when it comes to Gaming is called a Generation, the gambles mainly Browser & Mobile Games. There are not in Germany alone, with over 34 million active gamers, the stereotype of the male gamer. Because women now make up 48% percent of active gamers.

Casual Games are so popular, because they take in comparison to other Games, little time, quick to learn and a great fun factor. Play the most popular Online count by the way: “Farmerama “, “Forge of Empires” and “Jackpot” that you can play all on RTL 2 games free online.

The year 1946 hour of computer games is one of the birth. Two of the first Games were the mathematical Nim game & the Tic-Tac-Toe game OXO. Really, it was only in the 1970s. The launch of the first interactive table tennis game Pong placed in the year 1972. It is regarded as the forefather of video games. In the 80s, the Games market suffered a games-Flood, what was the reason for the Video Game Crash of 1983. The game E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial was launched due to its major commercial failure, often with the Video Game Crash. It applies until today as the worst game of all time and was buried in the desert of New Mexico. Of course, we offer you on RTL II games only cool games Online and have E. T. therefore, there is left where it belongs – in the desert.