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Writing an essay student on average spends a day of his time: searching information, editing, unique.

Mandatory must contain a justification of the importance of the topic or subject being discussed. Further highlights some of the most reputable or most similar to the subject specialists, researchers, experts, scientists, etc., the results of studies of scientific research. Completes what can be called the most important contribution of the author – his opinion on the above question, solutions to problems, conclusions.

When creating abstract it is important to follow a certain sequence of actions, to understand the sequence and importance of the points that should be paid attention to. 

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Useful to the author was really interested in the subject, and well versed in it, but to choose a topic yourself is not always possible. Often this choice is limited to the list and If you clearly understand the algorithm, then write abstracts in the future you will be easier and easier. First, it is necessary to select the original and relevant topic. It is desirable that the topic was primarily of interest to you. Then determine the sources that you have to work, and carefully study them, to systematize and process. To precede the writing of the essay need development and plan. This is perhaps the most important moment in the process. Finalizing the essay giving it a supervisor or a public speech.

First, this kind of work should be written in the competent and stylistically officially-professional language. A maximum of important information when dry, somewhat impersonal presentation. In some cases, the appropriate bias to specific terminology, designed for the understanding of listeners or readers with special training. And no personal pronouns first and second person, no hints of their own abilities and merits: even the real achievement of the author, should be reported simply as noteworthy, important for the theme of the moment.

Secondly, the implication is enough deep familiarity with multiple authoritative sources of information on the topic.

Third, it requires a rethinking of material and his own insights, the ability to see the topic from another of my own but useful perspective.

In addition, such work shall have a structure: introduction, main part and conclusion. The abstract, as an academic or scientific work, must be accompanied by a list of sources used.

Introduction traditionally dedicated to the justification of the topic of work, arguments in favor of its relevance, the statement of purpose essay, and an overview of the sources of information used and, if necessary, applications.

A large part of the volume and importance of the work falls on the so-called main part, which reveals the theme, or describes the issue in the abstract. Here is the place of arguments and facts, theoretical foundations, research results, opinions of experts.

The concluding part should contain a statement of the authors point of view, well-founded like dry data and logical calculations, the main findings of the best practices, you can also give recommendations and make proposals on the subject matter.

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