How to Recycle Your Old Delaware Kitchen Cabinets

When you get new Delaware kitchen cabinets, you may be surprised at how shabby and outdated your old cabinets look and may wonder why it took you so long to replace them.  However, as outdated as they may be, you can still recycle those old cabinets in fun and interesting ways to increase storage around your home.  If you want to keep them out of a landfill and want to enjoy some fun home improvement projects as well, consider the following.

One thing you might do is remove the drawers from your old Delaware kitchen cabinets and turn these into sliding storage bins.  You need to cut a thin sheet of plywood the same size as the bottom of the drawer and attach it with wood glue and very small nails to reinforce this area.  Then, attach wheels that you purchase at any hardware store to the bottom of the drawer and you have a sliding bin.  You can paint it and replace the handle if needed, or leave it as is.

Drawers to old Delaware kitchen cabinets can also be good for fun shelves on the walls.  Because the back of the drawer is not as thick as the front, you will need to cut a piece of wood the size of the drawer front and attach this to the back.  You can then easily hang the drawer on the wall, the bottom of it facing the wall, for a fun shelf.  Put several of these together facing different directions and you have an interesting piece that works for decoration or extra storage.

Use your imagination before you simply throw away your old Delaware kitchen cabinets.  This will mean great home improvement projects that are easy to create and that give you added storage in the home.чугунная посуда купить в москвечехол для iphone с фотографиейcheck my grammar freeсео оптимизацииадвокаты киева отзывы

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